How do I fix camera lens on my phone?

most of the mobile phones arrive with built-in camera

At present, most of the mobile phones arrive with built-in camera. Sometimes, you may face some issues in your camera lens and you may try to find how to fix camera lens on phone or how to repair scratched camera lens.

Some simple techniques to repair or fix the scratched cell phone camera lens

Here are a few tips to fix the phone camera lens and they are:

Step 1. How to fix a cracked mobile phone camera if the mobile get wet?

Even, if you do all step and thoroughly dried your mobile phone still some moisture may endure behind your camera lens and create blurred photos.fix a cracked mobile phone camera

In this situation, the answer might be as easy as a package of pressurized air utilised to clean computer parts and keyboards. Keep the air outlet a few inches away from the lens and direct the movement of air into the cracks around the mobile phone camera lens.

Usually, this will assist in drying up small quantities of moisture. If you yet find dampness confined, then a hairdryer can be utilised on very moderate heat.

Be conscious that heat can melt adhesives in your mobile cell phone and apply only the least amount possible.

Step 2. How to fix your broken mobile phone camera lens if it is scratched?

Opening the in-built cell phone and cleaning it out if you desire, but it’s not simple. Typically, the central part of the lens has 5-6 separate gears that must be fixed and aligned correctly to function.