How can I protect myself from cell phone radiation?

Almost every user of the cell phone in our time requires easy and realistic methods to protect themselves from the phone radiation.

Cancer causing elements in the cell phone or radio frequency radiation these days increases the awareness of cell phone radiation protection worldwide.

I use different techniques to protect myself from cell phone radiation day after day. I recommend some of these techniques here with an aim to assist you find and follow such techniques.

Air tube headset

Individuals who use the air tube headset while making cell phone calls can be safe beyond doubt. This pair air tube as well as half wired cable works same as the stethoscope of doctors.

This product converts electrical signal into the harmless airwaves to reduce the radiation in the safe way better than bluetooth.

cell phone radiation

People who have a habit to sleep with their cell phone next to their head these days suffer from depression, headache, insomnia, nausea and other health problems.

They have to keep their cell phone out of their room at night and use an old-fashion alarm clock for their wake up in the early morning. They will reduce the risks of cell phone radiation problems and sleep well as expected.


There are different ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation on a regular basis. You can prefer and use the Wavecage designed to put the cell phone in at night.

protect myself

The stainless steel material is used to make this product which is helpful a lot for reducing the radiation exposure from the cell phone.


It is the right time to know how to get the highest possible protection against cell phone radiation and make an informed decision to be healthy.

You have to avoid using the Bluetooth and use the regular corded headset or air tube headset. This is worthwhile to put enough distance between your phone and you.