Steve Hundley

Editor-in-Chief, Founder

It’s not often that you get to merge personal passions into a professional life, but that’s what Steve did when he launched BASF Future Business in 2012. After working years of unsatisfying jobs in the medical and property management fields, he took a risk to try and create an online community while playing with the coolest gadgets on the planet each day, a risk that has turned out to be incredibly rewarding.

Outside of BASF Future Business, Steve is your typical Portlander who drinks way too much good beer, complains often about the Trail Blazers, and can be found out on the streets for a run, rain or shine.

Nick Sias

Senior Editor

He could about BASF Future Business, Nick quickly became an integral part of the site’s comment section. After quite some time of strictly commenting on BASF Future Business, Nick was offered an opportunity to write feature stories for the site, such as custom overviews, as well as interviews. Following success of those, Tim became a full time writer and editor for BASF Future Business, now spending his time on news articles, device reviews, producing videos, and much more.

Nick currently resides in Portland, OR with his longtime girlfriend and two wonderful dog children (Bob & Dan). In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing guitar, drinking coffee, practicing photography, and destroying kids on Call of Duty.