How do I know if my car speakers are blown?

Many car owners wish to keep their car audio system ideal to have great sound effects. They think smart and search for signs of a blown car speaker.

There are so many reasons why car speakers are blown most of the time.  It is the right time to know about the main signs of this problem.

A distortion at the moderate volume is one of the most important signs of the blown car speakers. The fuzzy speaker is usually the result of the loose or damaged voice coil.

People who have a partially blown speaker get the unmistakable fuzz or hiss because something is amiss when the maximum volume leads to the maximum distortion from the car speaker.

The main signs for blown speaker in your car

An incomplete system range is one of the most common signs of blown car speaker at this time. In general, a bad speaker under-perform for different reasons.

Though users of the car speaker get some audio, such audio will be incomplete unless the voice coil becomes detached from the cone.

blown speaker

A lack of bass or high frequencies is an important sign that the car speaker is at least partially blown and requires to be repaired at.

Every speaker creates sound through vibration. If you do not feel any vibration when you touch the front of the speaker, then the cone of the speaker does not get any power.

This is because the wiring problem, malfunctioning of the component or any other problem.

All beginners to the car speakers worldwide eagerly take note of everything about the main symptoms of blown car speaker and make a good decision about how to successfully keep their car speaker at a good condition on a regular basis.

Clear-cut audible signals other than classic fuzz and distortion in the car speaker point to major problems. The ratting coming from the woofer indicates the entirely blown speaker.

car speakers


A popping sound means tweets are finished. You can fix such problems soon after you have identified them.

There are different methods to diagnose the performance issues of the car speaker. You can test out the electrical response of the car speaker by using the standard multi-meter and find whether or not your voice cone or coil is busted.

The observed impedance will be infinite when the car speaker is entirely blown. You can contact and consult experts in the car audio system to assess and fix the problem.