Do iPhones last longer than Androids?

users of Android and iPhone Smartphone nowadays

Many users of Android and iPhone Smartphone nowadays get the desired enhancement in their lifestyle. They are happy to use the best-in-class apps and advanced facilities accessible through their mobile phone.

Beginners to the Smartphone these days think about whether iPhones last longer than Androids or not. The lifetime of the Smartphone depends on an array of important factors like the durability of the material.

The Smartphone made of the durable aluminium with glass front and back gives different benefits for users.

This is worthwhile to prefer the mobile phone with the water resistant, reverse wireless charging and other advanced facilities to get the desired benefits.   iPhones last longer than Androids

Android phone vs iPhone

Almost everyone with ever-increasing suggestions to choose the Android mobile and iPhone nowadays wish to find the main factors used to compare the lifespan of iPhones vs Androids in detail.

They can take note of the cost, software, hardware, lifetime and other things to find pros and cons of iPhone and Android phone.

Almost every Android phone uses either USB-C or micro USB chargers. Lightning cables from the Apple assist users to get different benefits.

Removable otherwise known as the user serviceable battery in the phone gives remarkable advantages for users who can replace the battery when it starts getting bad. cons of iPhone and Android phone.


An expandable memory offered by the popular brands of Android smart phones encourages teens and adults to consider this factor to find the main benefit of Android users over iPhone users.

You can find the usual difference between iPhones and Androids lifespan soon after you have decided to pick and order the cheap and best Smartphone.

You can read unbiased reviews of the latest models of Android mobile phones of top brands and also iPhones one after another. You will find the main attractions, benefits and drawbacks of all these mobile phones.